Financial Statements

An animated image of a Superhero holding two Jars with one jar saying Profit and another jar saying Loss.

Understand the Income Statement and get a big picture view on the inflows and outflows of a Business.  

What does a Business Own?  How much does a Business Owe?  Get Familiar with the Balance Sheet to see the complete picture. 

An Animated Image of a Superhero surrounded by Dollar Bills and Coins

Learn why Cash is King (or Queen)!  Whatever you prefer.

This article will give you an easy step by step breakdown of the Cash Flow Statement and explain the different types of Cash Flow in a Business with Examples.   

An Animated Character with a magnifying glass next to the name Statement of Shareholders Equity

The Statement of Owners Equity summarizes the business owners equity accounts during a period.  Get the Complete Breakdown in this article. 

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