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About Accounting Superpowers

Accounting Superpowers has been started with ONE goal in mind -

To help YOU become a better Business Owner and Investor.

About the Author 

Uday Gehani Founder

Hi, I'm Uday Gehani - the founder of this website.  

I began my career as a Financial Analyst at a New York Bank analyzing the Financial Statements for Small & Medium Enterprises which I did for 10 years till I started my first company.

I realized that the Accounting knowledge I had gained over the years was the foundation to understanding Business and helped me immensely in creating a profitable business of my own.

Having the fundamentals of Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship clear has had a big impact on my life and I am now passionate about teaching what I have learnt to others.

My goal with accountingsuperpowers.com is not only to make you understand the fundamentals of accounts, which is a pretty good start, but ultimately, to make you a better Business owner & Investor.